Tuesday, 8 August 2017

What the Remainers should be singing: ‘All we are saying is give war a chance’.

The problem for the Remainers is not their argument, which for a fifth former is a no-brainer; it is the lack of a leader who is willing to treat the present state of affairs as a war.

With a war there is one aim, the defeat of the enemy: the Brexiteers and their cause. This needs to be stated loudly, clearly, and with reason. Then there needs to be action. The first step is to force parliament to reflect that the great divide in our country is no longer between defeated socialism and capitalism, but between Brexiteers and Remainers. There must be a party at Westminister that is committed to denouncing and expunging the cowardly referendum from the statute book and serving the national interest which is in Europe. Whether this party forms within the Conservatives or Labour does not matter, what matters is that they operate as a party, intent on winning power. They should use all legal means of persuasion to win sitting MPs to their cause. Once power has been gained at Westminster legislation needs to immediately go through restoring the UK to the heart of the EU, and all necessary preparations need to be made to deal with any civil unrest stirred up in the name of bogus 'Will of the people' democracy.

For this to happen, for the UK to be saved from the abyss of Brexit, the Remainers need a leader like Margaret Thatcher.

To restore the UK’s economy she viewed both the unions and those who believed in a mixed economy (the ‘wets’) as the enemy. She dealt with them accordingly.

Just a cursory reading of her battle with Arthur Scargill and the miners showed that she and her administration planned an almost military operation in order to ensure not only that the strikes failed, but also that their special Luddite pleading became irrelevant. As for the ‘wets’ she was ruthless. Obviously she had to bide her time, but as soon as she could she rid her cabinet of any who believed there was a future for the mixed economy. In foreign policy it was the same – with the Falklands, with Kuwait, with the then USSR, and in Ireland. The IRA wanted war; she gave it to them and it was her success in that bloody conflict that then brought the IRA to the peace table.

Margaret Thatcher was successful because she understood there are issues where there is no middle ground and war is the only sensible policy.

There is no doubt that Brexit is exactly such an issue. There is no middle ground. It is a war situation.

No wonder that the Brexiteers did see the issue as a war. Listen to what UKIP’s financial backer Arron Banks said: ‘Brexit was a war. We won...’

I haven’t heard any Remainer say, ‘Brexit was a war, we can still win’. Instead all you hear is this miserable defeatist chant ‘ Brexit means Brexit’ by people who know the whole business is a disaster.

It’s obvious what is holding back Remain politicians from doing what is best for the country: fear. You hear it on the chat shows - ‘Well, the British people have voted and we must follow through with their decision, because if we don’t….’ The implication is there will be civil unrest.

This is where a Thatcher is needed. She knew there would be civil unrest with the miners, and she planned accordingly. She didn’t say - ‘Oh, there is going to be civil unrest, so let’s allow the communists to ruin the economy’. No, she stood up to fight and won.

Yes, there might be civil unrest, but it won’t last. People will get back to their lives and probably murmur a prayer of thanks as they swan through passport control in Europe.

And the Brexiteers? They will become what they always were, a protest party on the fringes of main-line British politics, unable to win even one seat in what constitutes British democracy, which is parliamentary democracy, not referendum democracy.

Banks says he has won the war, so far. But hopefully Banks has only won a ‘Blitzkrieg’, hopefully the mistaken Referendum was only a Dunkirk, and hopefully even now the Remainers have a son or daughter of a Churchill or Thatcher who is ready to do what is necessary: fight a war for the national interest.


  1. Thatcher could claim a democratic mandate. Remainers cannot. In 2015 a party committed to a referendum gained a parliamentary majority. That parliament enacted a referendum. The majority voted leave. On what democratic basis do you declare war on that result? I hate what Thatcher and Brexiteers stand for, but sometimes have to accept who won a democratic vote. Yes, a strong leader could put the case for reversing the decision, and fight a general election on backing for second referendum on this basis. But wars that simply overrule democratic votes tend to end in tears, as we last discovered after Oliver Cromwell closed down Parliament.

  2. The war is not to overthrow our parliamentary democratic system, but to restore it. Referendum democracy has no place in our constitution. It is alien. A device used by a cynical minority to gain power. If all the MPs who believe that Brexit will be a disaster came together and waged a parliamentary war against the cowards who know it is wrong but don't have the courage to stand up for the national interest, the catastrophe would be averted