Monday, 24 April 2017

Britain fears foreigners: that's the message of Brexit and it should make Westminster blush.

A Saturday morning and a visit from our favourite plumber originally from Hungary. He is married, his two children were born in the UK.

While he was jotting down measurements I said, 'Sorry about Brexit'.

He stopped and said slowly, 'You know, when Brexit happened, something broke in my heart.'

He talked more, but there was no need to explain much. For well over ten years this man had worked in the south of England. He had many customers. The quality of his work has made him popular. He is friendly, out going. He thought he was liked. He thought he was accepted.

Then came the referendum.

We all know the statistics. We all know the politics. But those words, 'Something broke in my heart' really explain what the message of Brexit was for the rest of the world. The British are xenophobic, we fear foreigners. So when given the chance the majority gave this Hungarian the two fingers.

Of course the Brexit people will protest and say, 'No, Brexit has nothing to do with hatred or fear of foreigners. It's to do with controlling our borders. '

The controlling borders argument is paper thin.

As for goods, so for people: the market will decide. Indeed the market had been doing a great job which is why so many Europeans came here for work (exploding the Labour whine that there is no work). And once they have made some money most want to go home. You hear pundits saying immigration is so high we will have to build cities the size of Liverpool every year. It's nonsense. Just because people are coming to the UK, this does not mean the UK has to find them houses. Let the market decide. When the houses run out, people will move elsewhere.

Look at the USA. Californians are heading for Texas because Texas is booming. The market is deciding. And when those Californians have worked and made some money, many of them will return to their roots. The Texans are welcoming all the new comers. They are proud that people want to come to their state. If you suggested they should try and 'control' their borders to preserve the Texan way of life they would look at you as if you were mad.

The 'controlling border' argument is tosh. And anyway for thousands of hard working Europeans the argument doesn't matter. When you have worked for over ten years and then the people you work for tell you that they don't want you in their country there is only one conclusion. These people don't like foreigners.

And that is what breaks a person's heart.

That's the crude message of Brexit which our MPs are supporting.

They should blush.

And if there was a Churchill of a Thatcher among them they would rip up this xenophobic nonsense and make sure the UK took back its place in the EU as soon as possible.

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