Thursday, 7 March 2013

Same Sex Marriage: pity the state, not the church

Unless there is a sudden revelation of sanity it looks pretty likely that same sex marriage will become legal in the UK, as well as in other European Countries and some states in the US. Tradition and logic are all on the side of the opponents of same sex marriage, but as with other aberrations in history, like political racism in the 1930’s, the majority are bleating the name of equality and so we ‘must’ have same sex marriage.

Pity the state, not the church. Pity the state because once same sex marriage is on the statute book governments will face two disasters. The first disaster, already happening in the UK, will be the virtual criminalisation of millions of traditionalists whose hard work does much to hold society together. These are the chaplains, the teachers, the social workers, the police, the soldiers, the sports coaches. The list is endless. Once same-sex marriage is legal, the gay lobby will target traditionalists to either force them out of work, or to sign up to their diversity fascism. The second disaster zone is much worse. It is the children. In the UK there has been no research undertaken by our bloated civil service to assess what the impact of same sex marriage will be on children. But it is not difficult to guess. Initially most children will tend to despise all adults who do not support same-sex marriage. Children will treat these sort of people like moral lepers. Initially. But the shallowness of Hollywood’s morality will be exposed for what it is, an enemy of the normal family where most people find happiness. There will be anger and regret from all the children short changed by the diversity free love religion, but it will be most intense among the children forced to grow up in situations where there are either two fathers or two mothers, and, with the age of consent down to 16 – again in the name of equality – where there has probably been legal abuse. These children will want to rise up against the state that has presided over such liberal misery. Pity the state. This whole same sex marriage experiment will go horribly pear shaped and society as a whole will suffer.

Pity the state, but not the church. The church has seen governments adopt all sorts of mad laws down the ages, plenty of them anti Christian, and the laws always become history, and the church always continues to grow and spread. Same sex marriage will actually be good for the church. It will sort out the true believer from the arrogant liberals who, like the German Church in the 1930’s, think they can adapt the teachings of the church to the, ‘spirit of the age’. And it will strengthen the true believers. They will be vilified. Treated as lepers. Thrown out of their work. In short, they will face some persecution. And the church thrives on persecution. The light of Christ will only grow stronger and those sinking in the candy floss sweetness of the diversity fascism will want to reach out and enjoy the true bread from heaven that only the church can give. Christians will grow in their faith, and the church will grow in numbers.

And when those numbers reach a certain point, the madness will come to an end, and, as has happened so often in history, the church and her values will help a new government clear up the mess and set things on a straighter path. 

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