Monday, 22 October 2012

A common theme in social liberal causes: indifference to children

Abortion, same sex marriage, and living together, three causes social liberals support. They are all about adults, made legitimate by the language of ‘rights’: the rights of woman over their bodies; the rights of the homosexuals; the rights of adults, usually men, to enjoy sex without legal commitment.

Adult causes which adults support to supposedly make adults happy. And being such adult causes they have something rather disturbing in common: indifference to children.

Indifference is of course rather a reserved word to use in the case of abortion.

Abortion is the total rejection of children. It is the violent termination of an unborn child to the world. Abortion exists solely for the supposed happiness of adults, though of course anyone who has actually spent time with women who have had abortions know that instead of happiness the result is deep regret often leading to debilitating depression.

Children really don’t feature in the campaign to inflict same sex marriage on society. It’s all about adult happiness. Nobody is campaigning for the children. Nobody is saying that as far as possible every child should have a mummy and a daddy, even though mountains of research state the obvious: this is what makes children happy.

Why are the children being forgotten? Because homosexual marriage is all about adult happiness. As with abortion, children come second. The campaign is indifferent to children. They don’t really matter. And so decent minded people who care so much for equality (even if research shows that homosexuality is a life-style choice) are campaigning to set up a society where by law children are denied having either a mother or a father. It’s a rather sad situation.

There’s an endless list of things that are tacky about living together. It’s often a charter for cheats, cowards, philanderers, and cold hearted scientists who claim they must test their future partner in the ‘living together’ laboratory. A gentleman’s code is simple: public commitment before private consummation. If you truly love someone you first publicly declare that love and legally commit yourself to that person till death separates you: then the private bedroom.

But lots of people believe in the tacky living together creed – and it doesn’t take long to work out who it’s all about at the start. It’s all about them. It’s the same principle that fuels abortion and homosexual marriage: supposed adult happiness. So for the living together people, the attitude towards children is again indifference. Even if the couple eventually want to marry during the oh so necessary living together experiment stage children absolutely do not feature. A pregnancy would ruin the whole point of the living together. It’s about their happiness, not about children’s, or the wider family. They must do what they must do. Now.

If they stay living together without marrying and children then come along, then there is every reason to believe they will be as loving as married parents. The word indifferent seems very out of place. Except. Except wouldn’t everything be a bit more secure for the children if mum and dad were married like most other people?

Every so often I get to visit a wonderful school for disabled children. In the centre of the grounds stands a parish church. Day by day severely handicapped children whirr past this church in their wheel chairs probably unaware that Jesus Christ famously welcomed them and rebuked those who were indifferent to children. His teaching has inspired past generations to campaign for the weak and the vulnerable, and especially for children. And His church has constantly said that the best place for children is a loving family.

These days it sadly seems that more people believe the enemies of Jesus Christ and His church. Their miserable mantra is my adult happiness before anything else. And the more this miserable mantra spreads, so too will the misery of children. Even Elton John is worried.

Let’s pray there is a great repentance and a preaching of Christ who said deny yourself and follow me. And let decent minded people robustly reject all that harms children.

That includes abortion, same sex marriage, and tacky living together. 

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